Monday, May 13, 2013

The Economic Crisis seminar

The Economic Crisis, Austerity, and its Alternatives.
A Renaissance Society Seminar.  Fall 2013. Held at CSU- Sacramento.

Welcome to the seminar.
Reading, study and discussion of the causes and consequences of the Economic Crisis of 2007/2008- and the current recession. Topics include Neo Classical Economics,  neoliberalism, Keynes, pensions, social security, medicare, austerity programs, elections, media coverage  and more.  Videos, (The Heist, Inside Job, etc)  presentations, dialogue.  This is economics as if people mattered.  We can all understand these political and economic issues important to us as citizens. Possible topics for presentations. Tea Party economics, social security, austerity programs, etc.   Taxes- Who pays?  Who doesn’t?
We will use this blog to share links to  readings and course information.  This will reduce the number of e mails sent
Seminar limited to 30 people to encourage dialogue. Advanced enrollment encouraged , contact
Duane Campbell
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