Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What is SSDI ? And Why Does Trump Want to Cut It ?

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, the national media has provided critical reporting on the very real threat that Donald Trump and his administration pose to the future of our democracy. But they have continued a troubling trend of misreporting very real economic implications that the GOP policy agenda poses to working people and older Americans.

Just look at this headline from the New York Times: “Budget Slashes Programs for Poor, While Largely Sparing Older People.”

By slashing Medicaid in both his 2018 budget and Trumpcare, Donald Trump is not only throwing 23 million people off of their healthcare, he’s also making it impossible for older Americans to afford long term nursing home care. And now he’s proposing cutting up to $64 billion from Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), while claiming that this does not break his promise to protect Social Security.

This isn’t a new development with Trump. The media has long favored discussions of Social Security and Medicare that treat them as problems, not solutions.

The truth is that candidate Donald Trump claimed to be the only Republican candidate who would protect Social Security and Medicaid. And in his first budget proposal, he proposes devastating cuts in order to give a massive tax cut to millionaires, billionaires and large corporations.

And while the media has rightly held his feet to the fire as he deviates from consensus positions on international issues and civil rights, Trump has been given too much credit when he parrots the same talking points Paul Ryan has used for years.

Sign the petition today and tell the national media to get the story right on Social Security.

Donald Trump’s Budget Director spent his career in Congress attempting to devastate our earned benefits. And the media has been too credulous as they have claimed that cuts to Social Security Disability Insurance somehow aren’t cuts to Social Security.

We must make sure that voters understand that Donald Trump is breaking the very promises that got him elected. But in order for that to happen, the media must hold him accountable on his economic agenda, which hurts older Americans and working families in order to give a $6 trillion tax break to the wealthy.

Stand with Social Security Works and demand the media tell the American people the truth about Donald Trump’s proposed cuts to Social Security.

Together, we’re saying loud and clear: Expand, don’t cut Social Security!

Thank you,

Michael Phelan

Social Security Works

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