Thursday, October 17, 2013


Guidelines for dialogue in the seminar

<EXT><P>Dialogue: Seminar on the Economic Crisis. 2013.</P>
<P>I search for basic agreements.</P>
<P>I search for strengths in your position.</P>
<P>I reflect on my position.</P>
<P>I consider the possibility of finding a better solution than mine or yours.</P>
<P>I assume that many people have a piece of the answer.</P>
<P>I want to find common ground.</P>
<P>I submit my best thinking hoping your reflection will improve it.</P>
<P>I remain open to talk about the subject later on.</P>
<P>I search for glaring differences.</P>
<P>I search for weaknesses in your position.</P>
<P>I attack your position.
I denigrate you and your position. </P>
<P>I defend my solution and exclude yours.</P>
<P>I am invested wholeheartedly in my beliefs.</P>
<P>I assume there is one right answer, and that I have it.</P>
<P>I want to win.</P>
<P>I submit my best thinking and defend it to show it is right.</P>
<P>I expect to settle this here and now.
I seek to silence those who disagree with my position. </P></EXT></BOX>
Adapted from, Choosing Democracy: a practical guide to multicultural education.  4th. edition. Duane Campbell.  2010.  Allyn and Bacon. <QSET><TTL>AdAdapted

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