Thursday, October 17, 2013

Revised seminar reading list

Course Outline.
There will be changes to this list as the course develops. Updated 9/20/13
Sept 6
Introduction to course
Video- Inside Job,
Sept. 13
The economic crisis
Krugman, Chapter 1

How bad are things?
The bubble. Depression economics
Krugman 2
Sept 27
Bankers.  Was it criminal?
Inequality is.  Reich.
Krugman 3.-4.
Oct 4.
What about Glass-Steagall?
Inequality.- lecture.
Krugman 5
Presentation; Failure of Laisse Faire Capitalism
Oct 11
The Bail Out. 
Money, Power and Wall Street.  “The Untouchables”, Inequality.
Krugman 6
Use Stiglitz.
Presentation; Civil v. criminal law
Oct. 18
Efficient Markets hypothesis
Bob Curry : International economics
Krugman 7
Presentation: Stockman: the Great Deformation
No class

Administration policy
The retirement crisis
Social Security
Richard Wolff.

Krugman 8-9
Guest speaker
Alternative policies.
Trade, labor, The Koch brothers . 

Krugman  8-9
Nov 15
Immigration, Political stalemate.
Is Obama a socialist ?
Krugman  10-11
Pete Martineau
Nov 22
The corporation. Richard Wolf.
Krugman 12
Nov 28
No seminar

Dec.  6
Final seminar
Krugman 13
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